2014-05-15 20_56_21-One Summer Part 3 - Erotic Short Story

One Summer – Part Three

Warning: the following chapter contains adult content.   . Read Part One Read Part Two “So darling, was he salivating all over you? I mean, he’s divine, you’re divine. It’s too bad you can’t have more children.” Susie’s nasal pronouncement was slightly clipped. “Are you smoking again?” Elle frowned into…

2014-05-15 20_49_49-One Summer - Part Two - Cate Hogan

Erotic Short: One Summer – Part II

Warning: the following erotic short story contains adult content. Read Part One Roland Matthews took a slow draw of his wine, assessing her as one might a fine painting. Considered, but detached. “So what do you do?” Elle hated that question. No one wanted to admit being a stay-at-home mom…

Chris & Elle Erotic Short Story

One Summer – Part One

  Part One “Jump, jump, jump!” The chant morphed into a roar as Jimmy stepped to the edge of the roof and peered into the pool. Elle had watched her son leap plenty of times, but never with a plastic beer cup in hand and a hundred screaming teens cheering…