The Book Doctor

Even the world’s best writers rely on editors and assessors, the doctors and nurses of the publishing world. Why? Because regardless of talent or experience, every storyteller needs a fresh set of eyes to help them get their work to it’s full potential, isolate the issues that aren't working and prescribe the remedies that will make it click. Once you’ve read the same passage five times, you simply get too close, and while it’s imperative that you love the characters you give birth to, would you expect any mother to have an unbiased opinion about her babies? Regardless of genre: romance, YA, action, paranormal etc, all stories are based on the same conventions that storytellers have been perfecting and reinforcing for thousands of years. Assessors will detox the work, ensuring you’ve applied those conventions correctly to create an engaging, well paced plot, with characters that readers will care about. Editors pull out the surgeon's scalpel to ensure the writing flows so that those conventions can work without distraction. As a book doctor, I'll apply my experience and insight to ensure your book gets a full bill of health and is strong enough to hold the reader from the first page to the last.

Following rates are for fiction only (but include memoir). Non fiction is quoted case by case.

The Detox

1.25 cents per word

Professional assessment and beta reading: Is your story well paced and does the opening chapter do enough to hook readers? Do the plot and character arc require further development, and how ‘high’ is your high concept? It may sound overwhelming, but it's actually really simple when you have professional help to guide you through the process. As an assessor, I go through and highlight areas of your work that are really strong, as well as examples for improvement, giving you a clear path to move forward. This process will not only greatly improve your book, but help develop your writing for future works as well.

Check Up

Flate Rate $125

We'll do a full chapter breakdown, where I provide the template and you fill in the blanks. From there, I'll assess every chapter and by the end of this easy process you will have a road map that clearly shows the emotional and plot motivation in each scene, which scenes are working, should be expanded, combined or cut altogether, and the over arching plot and character journeys. Of all the services I offer I feel this alone offers the most potential for a writer to get validation of their idea, and direction on how to turn it from good, to great.

Major Surgery

Price on application - please send me a sample.

Professional Editing: An essential step prior to submitting your book to publishers and agents, or self publishing, is ensuring that the writing has been tightened by a professional editor. With special focus on the first 10% of the work (read by publishers and downloaded by readers as a sample) this includes cutting redundant and repetitive copy to ensure the writing is clean and cohesive. It’s a thorough process, but it will greatly increase your chances of getting published, particularly if you are entering the market as a first-timer. Please note though, professional editors do not double as proofreaders. While the incidence of typos will be greatly reduced, an editor who has fixed copy does not have fresh eyes, so this role is generally fulfilled by another person.

Back Cover Teaser

Flate Rate $55

Your back cover teaser will be the 150+ words that convince readers to invest in the following hundred thousand. It must be dynamic and full of intrigue; a tasty enticement to take a bigger bite. This is not literary prose, it is marketing copy designed to SELL.

Author Bio

Flat Rate $55

If there's one moment every writer loathes, it's sitting down and attempting an author bio that is fun without being cheesey and informative rather than dull. In the age of self promotion, an author's bio is both essential for any books you publish, agents submissions etc, but also for the profiles you maintain online and across social media.

Contact me to see how we might work together. All prices are in US$ dollars.