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Chapter Outline Template

Writing a novel without a chapter outline is like driving into the desert without GPS. You don’t know where you’ll end up, and the journey is probably not going to be a fun one. This chapter outline template will allow you to outline your characters’ emotional development, and the key plot points that highlight that journey. Don’t underestimate the importance of mapping out your novel chapters, many amateur writers have misty-eyed visions of allowing the work to flow from their inner fountain of creative genius, but I am yet to meet (or read of) a professional writer who works that way. The pros know that a little planning up front saves a lot of heartache down the line.

Once you’ve completed this document, it’s wise to get a professional assessment¬†(only $125), to make sure your structure, pace and character development are strong, before you invest countless hours of writing and editing. Of all the writing mentorship services I offer, this is by far offers the best return on investment., but if that’s not for you, don’t deny yourself this fantastic free tool. It will help make your good story, a great one.

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