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How to Write a Great Sex Scene

Today we look at how to write a great sex scene, so steel yourself for lots of bad puns and double-entendres! The suggestions below are most relevant to writers of romance and erotica, where love and sex form┬áthe heart of the plot, but writers of all narrative genres are welcome…

Microsoft word tracked changes

Word: Track Changes

When receiving your first ‘track changes’ document, you’re often faced with a jungle of blood-red lines, a rash of bubbles and pointy arrows that leave your thinking your baby’s been hacked at by savages. But once the initial horror has passed, it’s important to learn more about this fabulous feature….


Pretty Punctuation

I used to think that the minor rules of punctuation were based mostly on elitist affectation. Petty people with expensive educations that liked pointing out missing dashes and dots for a fleeting moment of superiority. I was wrong. Punctuation, like all literary devices, is there to help the writer get…