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how to write a novel with proven plot structures

How to write a novel

  Guest Post: Five Plot Structures for Bestselling Novels By Katja L Kaine   So you’ve got an amazing story idea, but the question remains: how to turn it into a great novel? There must be as many different ways to write a novel as there are novel writers. Some of…

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Top 10 Sites Every Writer Should Know

In this week’s guest post Veronica Hunt shares her favourite sites for writers. The web is an endless source of information, inspiration, and everything else we wish we had more time for. Which is why I’ve cut through the noise to create a list of the top 10 writing sites…

introducing a character

Introducing a Character, Not a Bore

10 Signs You’re Introducing a Boring Character And how you can ensure they hook us from page one.   Your character might be complex and dynamic, but if your opening pages make for a boring introduction, the reader probably won’t hang around long enough to find out. Here are ten signs your opening scene…


Why She Writes

  Guest Post: Why She Writes by Joanne Fedler A woman sits down at a desk. Perhaps the humble simplicity of a chair will suffice, a bench, a place against which she can press her lower back to take the responsibility from her legs, her tired feet. From a bag, a drawer,…

Storytelling Tips

5 Storytelling Tips to Win Readers

When the freelance gurus at TurnPoint asked me to outline my top five storytelling tips as a fiction editor, I was happy to oblige. Almost every rough draft I encounter would benefit from at least one, if not all of these storytelling tips. But before you toss that manuscript away, rest assured, each…

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Bio or Bust

If there’s one task every writer loathes, it’s sitting down and attempting an author bio that is fun without being cheesy, and informative rather than dull. In the age of self promotion, an author’s bio is both essential for any books you publish, but also for the profiles you maintain online and…

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Bad-ass Book Descriptions

Want to make a book cover that sells? You’ve just spent months, perhaps years slaving away over your novel, and now it’s ready for the world. But before readers download the sample or hit buy, they will appraise your cover and book description to decide if it’s right for them….

Avoiding cliche

The Crematorium of Cliche

Guest Post: How to salvage your writing from the crematorium of cliche. by Joanne Fedler   Aspiring writers sometimes ask me, ‘How can I write like you?’ The answer is, ‘You don’t want to write like me, you want to write like you. You want to find your writing voice, and that will…

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Word: Track Changes

When receiving your first ‘track changes’ document, you’re often faced with a jungle of blood-red lines, a rash of bubbles and pointy arrows that leave your thinking your baby’s been hacked at by savages. But once the initial horror has passed, it’s important to learn more about this fabulous feature….


The Spiritual Writer

Guest Post: 9 Spiritual Principles To Make You More Creative by Joanne Fedler Creativity, like any other skill, can be nourished. It’s important to remember, though, that it takes time and dedication to tap into your inner wellspring of natural creative ability. With that in mind, here are nine spiritual…