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Romance Editor

Finding a Great Romance Editor

“Good romance editors are worth their weight in bestsellers.” Romance editors: it might be hard to find one who embodies all of the attributes below (I’m not sure I do!) but these tips will help you navigate your way to the romance editor of your dreams. Alternatively, if you already have…

freelance writer tools

8 Great Tools For Freelance Writers

We live in an age where entire empires can be run from a single mobile phone. Hell, if a service ain’t digital, it’s archaic. When it comes to scheduling, self promotion and client care, a lot of the legwork has been taken care of via these free, fantastic online tools,…

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5 Storytelling Essentials

When the guys at TurnPoint asked me to outline the five greatest challenges I face as a fiction editor, I was more than happy to oblige. I’m yet to encounter a work that isn’t plagued by at least one of these problems, but the great news is that they’re all easily solvable. The…


The Good, the Bad & the Unbelievable

A Day in Bali

I often ask myself, what is it about Bali? The jagged blue line of Mt. Batur, intriguing and vaguely threatening as it towers over the lowlands. The fathomless eyes that glance beneath paddie hats, impassive as they see right through you. The Island asks us to lose ourselves and happily…


The first thing I noticed about my partner was his smile, easy in its own outrageousness. At first I was dubious, but after weeks of him acting like it was totally insane for us to not be together, I started to agree. The rest as they say, is history. Extroverts…


At 17, I was a size six blonde with an ego to match. I would read things like “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and pity women without a two finger gap between their thighs. Most of my friends still lived at home, but years in boarding school—and a…


For Those Who Like to Watch

Tough Love: Assessment & Beta Reading

Content Editing @ just $0.075 per word (aka Beta Reading, Line Editing, Critiquing & Assessment) The following critique service is the most intensive I have come across, combining beta reading, assessment and content editing into a single, comprehensive offering. In this process, I go through every line of the manuscript and insert…

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Bio or Bust

If there’s one task every writer loathes, it’s sitting down and attempting an author bio that is fun without being cheesy, and informative rather than dull. In the age of self promotion, an author’s bio is both essential for any books you publish, but also for the profiles you maintain online and…

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Bad-ass Book Descriptions

You’ve just spent months, or perhaps years slaving away over your novel, and now it’s ready for the world. But before readers download the sample or hit buy, they will appraise your cover and book description to decide if it’s right for them. Now that you’re at the finish line,…