Tough Love: Assessment & Beta Reading

Developmental Editing @ just 2 cents per word

(aka Beta Reading, Line / Content Editing, Critiquing & Assessment)

Developmental editing combines beta reading, assessment and content editing into a single, comprehensive offering. In this process, I go through every line of the manuscript and insert comments regarding up to 47 different storytelling criteria, including but not limited to:

STYLE: Moments of confusion, repetition, sentence structure, dialogue, tone, inconsistent tenses, grammar, punctuation, word usage, “showing versus telling” and passive voice.

CHARACTER: Development, complexity, originality, empathy, motivation, consistency, and authenticity.

PLOT: Structure, pace, believability, engagement, foreshadowing, tension, story length, theme, high concept, resolution and satisfaction.

In addition to the inline comments in the MS itself, you also receive a 6 – 12 page report  that includes general impressions on the novel overall, and recommendations for making the book as strong as it can be. 

When it comes to both sales and reviews, studies show that good stories greatly outperform polished manuscripts. For that reason, the best investment you can make in a novel is running it past a professional story developer, to ensure it’s entertaining, engaging and effective.

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